NP Designs has gathered major residential and commercial projects to our ever-growing portfolio; implementing visions into a reality.

Since 2002 we have been silently working behind-the-scenes to bring major residential and commercial projects to life. With headquarters in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and an international network, we are a specialized firm with a structure that empowers us to take on even the largest and most challenging public and private sector projects. Our culture is based on collaboration, open communication, and long-term relationships. This defines our internal ethos and commitment to client-satisfaction. Aiming to always surpass expectations, our professional team is results-driven and detail oriented. Working closely with you, we balance originality and practicality to offer you something different as we appreciate that your unique project warrants a unique approach. At the forefront of global trends and technological advancements, our architectural and engineering design, planning, interior design, and construction management and technical supervision services focus on one thing: improving the quality of life.



With meticulous procedures and effective work sequencing, we ensure deliverables, time schedules, and budgets are met. Committed to integrity and transparency, New Perspective Designs (NP-Designs) offers reliable construction management and technical supervision services. We objectively safeguard stakeholders’ interests throughout a project’s entire construction process. Our integrated services span project planning, time and cost control, construction management, contract administration, technical supervision, and quality assurance and quality control. NP-Designs is synonymous with reliable construction management and technical supervision services in KSA, the MENA, and beyond.


What sets New Perspective Designs (NP-Designs) apart is that we don’t treat architectural design and engineering design as separate entities. We understand the complex relationship between them and always respect the project-type, time constraints, and budget throughout the work process. Overcoming challenges, we create opportunities and spaces that add value and enrich people’s lives. This is why our approach to architectural design merges innovation with functionality, an understanding of construction materials, the latest trends, and the use of building analysis software. We take this a step further by ensuring our architectural design reflects the local culture, market, and people’s lifestyles. And this is also why our engineering design is based on effective systems, the latest techniques, and cutting-edge technology. NP-Designs is at the forefront of architectural design and engineering design services in KSA, the MENA, and beyond. Our professional design engineers have significant structural, electrical, and mechanical experience and work alongside our talented architects. This integrated approach empowers NP-Designs to provide multiple solutions using creativity, quality, up-to-date design software, different engineering analysis approaches, and the latest international and local building codes. The result is our successfully translating your vision and needs with the perfect combination of aesthetics, functionality, constructibility, and cost effectiveness.


At New Perspective Designs (NP-Designs), our 360-degree planning services are rooted in solid methodologies. In addition to offering the unique service of project positioning, our expertise extends to urban planning, the urban regeneration of inner cities and heritage sites, urban design and local area planning, zoning, and landscaping. Our process and multidisciplinary team ensure a streamlined workflow from the initial project positioning phase all the way through to urban design and even architectural design and construction. NP-Designs delivers exceptional planning services in KSA, the MENA, and beyond.


Creating distinctive and memorable interior design environments, New Perspective Designs (NP-Designs) showcases your vision and answers your needs. Selecting the most suitable materials, furnishings, fixtures, and accessories while highlighting functionality, we bring originality and uniqueness to your interiors. Providing complete consultancy services, we redefine interior design, value engineering, and site supervision. Our team carefully select every element and specify each detail to best suit your project. Our philosophy is that each project is an opportunity to create differentiation and signature environments through creativity and practicality. NP-Designs excels at interior design services in KSA, the MENA, and beyond.